Pirogovo Açık Hava Müzesi

Pirogovo is the museum under the open air. The exposition displays the architecture of Ukrainian villages (peasant houses, windmills, wooden churches), items of peasant life (furniture, crockery, clothes, musical instruments). Museum was found at the outskirts of Kiev in 1976. Its territory was divided in sectors according to territorial and time principals. Pirogovo exhibition presents architecture of Ukrainian villages, routine life of peasants and Ukrainian national art. You simply move backward into the past: antique Ukrainian mazanka hats, chapels dated 16-17 century, windmills — all this pieces were collected in various regions of Ukraine, shipped to the museum and renovated. Each hat was turned into museum showing common life of Ukrainians of the past centuries — furniture, dishes, clothes, musical instruments, work utensils. According to ethnographers mansions with original country houses and utility structures are reconstructed with the paper accuracy and grouped in compliance with the planning specific of settlements of the corresponding geographic and ethnographic regions. Second life was given to the moved there wooden churches — unique phenomenon in the world architecture. Windmill exhibition located on the highest hill of the museum represents it’s ideological and compositional center. Moreover, Pirogovo is an excellent place to spend weekend. After the walking excursion it is so enjoyable to lay on the grass, take a horse-ride, have a dinner with Ukrainian national dishes — borsh, salo and shashlik. All this in the open air accompanied by live music. How to get there from metro station «Lybidskaya» — trolleybus № 11 from Bessarabian marketplace — fixed-run taxi № 156 from metro station «Drujby narodov» — fixed-run taxi № 172 from metro station «Akademgorodok» — fixed-run taxi № 576 from metro station «Lukyanivska» — fixed-run taxi № 496


Holidays in Pirogovo

March, 1 Pancake Day

April, 12 The Palm Sunday

April, 20 Vesnyanki

May, 2-3 Spring trade fair

May, 16 Children creativity Day

June, 13-14 Embroideress and weaver Day

June, 20 Mowing Day

June, 27-28 Potter Day

July, 6 Midsummer Day

July, 18 Stubble Day

August, 1-2 Carver Day

August, 22-23 Blacksmith Day

August, 24 Independence Day

September, 5-6 Autumn trade fair

September, 11 The Patronage of the Most Holy Queen Day