Address: 7, Prytisko-Nikolskaya Str.,

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This is one more museum, dedicated to Kiev medicine, to be more exact - to pharmaceutics. At the same time, it is one more museum which presents an integral part of Kiev life and manners. Let’s enter the small old one-storey house on Podol, near the gates of Florovskiy Monastery. An “alive” drug-store still stands here. The tradition is kept and balsams, made by technology of XIX century, are sold here. Employees of the drug-store kindly guide you to the halls of the drug-store; show you the interior of cabinet of pharmaceutist, who was also a doctor at that time; and basement laboratory of alchemist; and ancient cell, where one was treated by extracts and prayers; and house of wise woman with fragrant herbals under seiling; and old pharmaceutics cellar. The utensil for cooking herbal mixtures, different tins and cups for medicaments, ancient receipts, the tools for pharmaceutists of past ages, alcoholic snakes and crabs, from which were made wonder preparations are place on the show window. But besides medicine here you can see ancient tins with creams, powder, perfumes, tooth powder and even inks; earlier all these things were sold only in drug-stores. In the Museum there is a pharmaceutical book of 1834 year, in which names of medicine, formulation and prices are noted. There is above 2 thousands exhibits gathered from all Ukraine in the Museum. The interior is adorned by antiquarian pharmaceutical furniture. The halls of the Museum fully reproduce the atmosphere of drug-stores of XVIII and XIX centuries. The drug-store was opened in 1728, in this building. It was the first private drug-store in Kiev. One of the first owners was Georg Bunge, who founded the dynasty of Kiev pharmaceutists, but not only them. Even the Minister of Finances and Prime-Minister or Russian Empire belonged to the Bunges.