Buddha Bar

Kreaschatyk Cad. 14  Kiev

Restoran Hakkında

I am amazed that the opening of «Buddha-bar» in Kiev caused such a stir. Gathered a huge amount of beautiful people. I think they are even more than in Paris! «Buddha-bar» - this is a special place where you want to be carefree, enjoy every moment - and, of course, to shine. I made sure I stood invited "guest" concept «Buddha-bar». I am also excited by the Kiev «Buddha-bar» - he seemed more luxurious and modern than Paris.


Raymond Visan, founder of the lounge restaurants «Buddha-bar»


As they say, visiting lounge-restaurant "Buddha-bar" can be compared with visiting a SPA resort. This is how powerful its positive energy. Immerse into a world of refined pleasures and enjoy the careless relaxing atmosphere – these are just few reasons to visit "Buddha-bar" at least once and come back again. Entrance to Buddha-bar Kiev is strictly prohibited for the Guests wearing sport or beach clothes. The Administration has a right to deny entrance for all those who do not correspond these requirements. Thank you for understanding!


Adres Kreaschatyk Cad. 14

Pzt Prş 12.00-02.00

Cuma 12.00-04.00

Cmt 13.00-04.00

Pzr 14.00-02.00

iletişim +380442707676

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